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Prins Carlos Bourbon de Parme

H.R.H. Prins Carlos de Bourbon de Parme

Category/ categories:
Business & Management, Celebrity Speakers, Sustainability & Climate change
Interviewer, Lecture, Panel discussion


Prince Carlos was born in The Netherlands on the 27th of January 1970. After working for the European Commission in the Cabinet of Commissioner Andriessen,  he graduated from Wesleyan University with a BA in Social Sciences (Honours), and with an MPhill from Cambridge University. Thereafter he worked for the ABN AMRO Bank in Hong Kong and Amsterdam. In 1999 he moved to Brussels were he worked for the European Public Policy Advisors group, were he was responsible for the transport and energy dossiers.

Through his work in Brussels he joined an incubator and initiation company concentrating on start-up companies with ecological and sustainable products. These included; bio-diesel, green electricity generation, CO2 compensation schemes, energy saving devices, recycling, and logistical systems.

Prince Carlos has been President of the Spanish, Portuguese and Latin-American Foundation for the last 5 years. He is president of the ELA at the University of Utrecht in The Netherlands. He is also an executive member of the Carlos de Amberes Foundation.

After years of working in the commercial field, he has decided to help develop the Dutch  Institute for Innovation and Sustainability (INSID) devoted to helping society in its transition towards sustainability. The Institute will have a bridging function between the public, academic and private sector, aside from developing its own initiatives, when it so deems necessary. This is a not for profit foundation.





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