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Assemblee Exclusive Meetings

Podium for global messages

Assemblee Speakers Bureau has wide experience in developing initiatives in order to provide world citizens who have a persuasive message with a unique platform. We also advise how a message to society can take hold and lead to action. It's invariably a matter of getting the person speaking in the right place at the right time. 

Big names who have taken to the exclusive meetings include:

General David Petraeus at Vredespaleis, on his strategy in Iraq and Afghanistan

Eldest grandsons of Stalin, Roosevelt and Churchill: Yalta and beyond (1945-2005)

Hillary Rodham Clinton, book presentation at Amstel Hotel, Amsterdam

Bill Clinton: first speech outside the USA as president, in The Hague

View for some more examples of inspiring VIP speakers.

Sensible speeches

At Assemblee Speakers Bureau we're constantly making new contacts with outstanding speakers. If you have your own thoughts or preferences, we'll be pleased to hear about them. For us, quality is always at the forefront. We surprise our clients in delivering high quality. We aim to get speakers who can be relied on to give a sensible speech that will make a favourable impression. We're also happy to give advice on devising a good media plan. Thanks to our worldwide media contacts, we're able to support you and ensure you'll get the necessary coverage. We arranged 63 camera teams for the second Yalta agreement.


Assemblee Exclusive Meetings thus goes beyond merely providing well-considered advice. We really do provide the finest speakers with a platform: a distinctive concept we've been working at over the years. Maybe Assemblee Speakers Bureau could do something for you or your organisation. Interested? We're pleased to discuss the options in a face-to-face meeting.

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