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We have been this - since 1985

Assemblee Speakers Bureau is the source of the best speakers, moderators and conference chairmen. The early experience of its director, Leo van der Kant, in supplying speakers goes back to 1971. In 1985 he founded Assemblee, the first speaker-supplying agency in the Netherlands and Western Europe. The challenge lay in bringing in world-class citizens who were hard to track down. What was originally a hobby eventually became a career. In 1985 he set up Europe's first speaker-hiring agency. His energy and commitment resulted in his son Maurice van der Kant joining the company in 2003 to continue its growth. All the agency's staff have a shared enthusiasm for their vocation.

Extensive network

Since that time, we have turned into a leading speaker-recruiting agency. Our extensive network comprises over 4,700 prominent speakers. Of these, some 170 work exclusively for our agency.  We think it is vital to forge a strong bond with them. We like to know who they are and what makes them tick. Through our commitment,we're able to bring speakers and clients together.

Our great strength

We keep up permanent contacts with clients, which is how we build lasting relationships with them, starting by giving them honest, detailed advice on the speaker who would be most suitable for them. Thanks to our large network, we can track down any required type of speaker, paying special attention to quality and content, for the ability to speak well is an art. In addition, we make clear, transparent contracts with our speakers, which results in obtaining the most favourable fees possible.

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